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Atmosphere Spray


  • Image of Atmosphere Spray
  • Image of Atmosphere Spray

4 oz. room/linen/body spray.

Black Mass - essentially, "MOON-mallow": smoked vanilla, frankincense, Peru balsam, labdanum, amber, vetiver, Atlas cedarwood, patchouli, night musk, and scorched marshmallows.

Calm The Fuck Down - a sigh-inducing blend of essential oils (lavender, ylang ylang, bergamot, vanilla, and patchouli).

Florida Water - Florida Water - a renowned spiritual perfume used in folk magick. It has calming, cooling scent, and is worn by both men and women, and has a unisex citrus-spice aroma.
It is most commonly used for purification, perfect for sweeping away negative influences, bad spirits/energies, even melancholy.
Some of the components of this essential oil blend include: lemon, bergamot, clove, cinnamon, lavender.

Ghost of Christmas Past - fir boughs, dusty pomander balls, satsuma oranges, and a petrified clump of old-fashioned ribbon candies stuck to Grandma's candy dish since 1957.

Holy Water - palo santo, white sage, cedarwood, angelica root, lemon rind.

Just Took A DNA Test, Turns Out I'm 100% That Witch - benzoin, clove, dark patchouli, bonfire smoke, candy corn, pumpkin pie, frankincense, cedarwood, cassia.

Sleep Paralysis - lavender, chamomile, violet leaf, valerian.

Unholy Water - dragon’s blood, palo santo, sage, cedarwood.

Van Van - Van Van - designed to clear away evil, provide magical protection, open the road to new prospects, & change bad luck to good.
Due to the "Van" sound in the name of this formula, many people assume that it contains Vanilla scent -- but such is not the case. Rather, Van Van is a phonetic pronunciation of the French word Verveine, a name of a flowering plant commonly known as Verbena or Vervain in English. In the Creole French dialect of Louisiana, Vervain is pronounced "Vaah-Vahn".
Some of the components of this essential oil blend include: lemongrass, citronella, gingergrass, palmarosa, vetiver, and vervain.

***Please note that some fragrances MAY separate -- if this occurs (it's totally okay), just give it a little shake before use. :)

Paraben-free / Phthalate-free.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), Essentials Oils/Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol (preservative).

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