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Perfume Roll-Ons


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***PLEASE NOTE - I will not ship extraits (alcohol base) internationally (outside of the U.S.). If extrait is chosen, it will automatically be sent in perfume oil form.***

There has been a recent change in bottle suppliers, and the current iteration holds 8.5-9 mL. Unfortunately, this means that several roll-ons have been purchased that were 1-1.5ml LESS than the 10 mL stated in the item description. If you would like half-dram replacements for the scents you have purchased in the past, or a refund, please contact me. Alternatively, please feel free to use the discount code "15off" for 15% off your next order.

Please choose from the Scent List on the main/home page, and let me know your scent preference in the "notes/instructions" of the order summary upon checkout.

Paraben-free / Phthalate-free.

Ingredients: Premium Perfumer's Alcohol or Fractionated Coconut Oil, fragrance oil(s), and/or essential oil(s).

Trouble deciding which scent to order? Please feel free to request a free sample with each order, in the order notes.

Trouble deciding which base to use?
Perfume oil has a fractionated coconut oil base, whereas extrait uses a premium perfumer's alcohol base, like "mainstream" perfumes.
Perfume oil scents have a tendency to remain closer to the wearer; alcohol-based perfumes have a farther-reaching scent trail.

Image of Atmosphere Spray
Atmosphere Spray
Image of 15mL Parfum Extrait Spray OR Perfume Oil
15mL Parfum Extrait Spray OR Perfume Oil
Image of Body Oil
Body Oil
Image of Hair & Beard Oil
Hair & Beard Oil
Image of Calm The F*** Down - Relaxation & Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oil
Calm The F*** Down - Relaxation & Stress Relief Aromatherapy Oil
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Headache Eraser
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